Centre for Geoinformatics - C_GIS is a unit of Antils Geospatial Sciences Pvt. Ltd. which has been established by a team of eminent professionals and educationists having rich global experience in various areas enveloped under the broader field of Geospatial Science and Technology.

The major aim of the C_GIS is to channelise fast growing geospatial career opportunities for fresh graduates and young professionals. The C_GIS contributes to this purpose by implementing a wide range of activities directed toward developing skills and competences of the focus groups for meeting the frequently changing requirements of national and international job markets. The C_GIS works in cooperation with a worldwide network of partners for offering internationally standardised education, training, consultancy and advisory services in core Geospatial Science and Technology as well as various related fields of knowledge, practice and business.

  • To promote knowledge, career and business in different fields related to Geospatial Science and Technology. The company engages in establishing, operating, promoting and extending necessary activities to achieve its goals through various means and advocacy.
  • To offer a wide range of services and implement well designed activities directed toward offering quality education & training, professional consultancy, expert advise and all related services in all areas of Geospatial Science and Technology.
  • To enhance and advance geospatial careers by generating jobs opportunities within the country, recruiting well trained professionals for overseas employment as well as bringing necessary skilled personnel into the country for expanding the sphere of geospatial education, services and business.