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Discussion Forum

C_GIS engages itself in generating awareness about the importance of geospatial information among all the members of society, provides platform for exchanging thoughts - ideas - experiences and practices as well as communicates with the geospatial policy makers.

The discussion and exchange activities are conducted among and across the 4 Focus Groups.   

Public Forum
This is focussed on the general users for expressing their opinions about the geospatial utilities available to them free of cost for their daily use, e.g. map assisted navigation and location based services. They inform about the difficulties they face in using these utilities as well as suggest about what they would like to have as added advantage of these utilities.

Student Forum
This is devoted to the current students (=future teachers and professionals) for sharing the hurdles they face during the process of their geospatial education and research. This also involves the fresh graduates for sharing the difficulties they face in the geospatial job-market.

Teacher Forum
This engages teachers of various institutions for sharing their experiences with the current status of geospatial education and their vision for the future developments in curricula and practical.

Professional Forum
This involves geospatial employers i.e. primarily industry and organisations where they express the problems in finding the 'fit-for-job' and 'ready-to-deliver' job-seekers. They also share their assessment about the geospatial skills and competences required in the job-market in near future.