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Data Processing

Generating new geospatial data by field surveys is time consuming and expensive task but it is necessary for capturing the current status of the factors under investigation. However, the wealth of existing maps, data and information is invaluable for understanding the temporal changes in those factors. C_GIS offers various services for utilising the exiting spatial and non-spatial data under strict precision and quality control measures.

  • Data Conversion
    • Georeferencing of scanned maps, aerial photographs and satellite images
    • Generation of Vector data from scanned maps and images
    • Automated extraction of features from scanned maps and images
  • Data Migration
    • from CAD to GIS and vice-versa
    • from Cadastre records to GIS shape files
    • from Shape files to Geo-Databases and vice-versa
    • across the commercial GIS software
  • Integration of attributes to Vector data
  • GIS Layer generation from composite drawings
  • GIS Layer generation from GPS data and Geo-DBMS
  • Data validation and modification